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Erica was absolutely amazing and my husband and I are both so grateful for her guidance during my labor! I had originally planned a natural birth and hoped to be very active through labor. However when the pain of labor hit I was ready for an epidural. As soon as Erica arrived she helped remind me of my plan and coached me me through the entire labor so that I was able to get my wishes for an unmedicated birth. She was patient with me when I was stubborn and didn't want to try any of the positions we had discussed prior to labor. She kept encouraging me throughout and the positions and techniques she suggested were so helpful. Labor was hard and painful but also looking back such an amazing and rewarding experience and I'm so happy that Erica was there by my side! If you're looking for a doula look no further. I honestly cannot recommend her enough!

Sarah Janse

While I've known Erica for awhile and knew lthat being a labor support person is an amazing field for her to be in, I was beyond impressed actually experiencing her as my doula during my pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Furthermore, I can confidently say that I would not have made it through my vaginal delivery without Erica.

My due date and birth plan got thrown literally to the wind when my doctor called and told me to head to L&D 5 weeks early due to a spike in my bloodwork. My husband and I were not mentally or emotionally prepared to have our baby that week, and I certainly didn't feel physically ready to labor. 

Erica's calming, patient, and practical demeanor helped us navigate the induction process and 48 hours of labor feeling informed and empowered. When I was ready to give up, Erica encouraged me and reminded me that I was both capable and strong enough to do it. She cheered me on through multiple epidurals, medical interventions, and all of the worst contractions. She relieved my husband when he felt exhausted and burnt out. And she kept both of our spirits up and rejoiced with us when we welcomed our baby girl into the world 3 days after checking in. 

I can't say enough amazing things about Erica. She is intentional and well-equipped, and I would highly, HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking for a birth experience that is tailored to your needs and if you want someoneto he your advocate and rock throughthe process. She will be there for you and walk you through step-by-step so that you can focus on the most important little miracle growing inside you ??


I am so grateful Erica was my doula! From each interaction and contraction, she reminded me that my body was able to do this and was a constant cheerleader and advocate. There were certain positions that I wanted to try, and I could tell me nurses were hestitant, but Erica responded "Okay, lets do it." I needed that kind of energy all around me! 
I was able to have the birth I wanted, and I know for a fact that I could not have done this without her constant reassurance and support. 
I will use for for all my babies!
Thank you Erica!

Eileen J

My experience with Erica was almost indescribable and irreplaceable. She was available and attentive every step of the way. I called her and woke her up early Saturday morning. She got to me within about an hour and ready to assist with anything I needed. Erica gave me consistent back massages to help soothe me and create a distraction. She encouraged me the entire time and constantly reassured me I was doing great and going to finish strong. Any concerns or questions I had for her or about my treatment she answered or got the answer. I appreciate her more than words can say. Not just for doing her job but truly caring so much and making sure I was as comfortable and cared for as possible. I would recommend Erica as a doula to anyone in need. She was amazing! Thank you Erica

Jess B

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